This is a demo of the Energy PFD. It includes 3 runs recorded during the experimental evaluation conducted in the SIMONA research simulator. The pictures to right show SIMONA in a preliminary stage in September 2002 when the experiments were run. Each run is one of the three experimental trajectories of varying complexity. The three runs were flown by commercial airline pilots that had limited experience with the energy display and Tunnel-in-the-Sky displays. The recorded runs show the functioning of the display and a good understanding of the display will allow the viewer to identify the applied energy management strategies as well as some mistakes made by the pilots.

The demo will run on a windows computer with some hardware OpenGL support. The actual experiment ran at 100Hz and the data was recorded at 25Hz. The demo runs at a nominal speed of 25 Hz, thus the simulation should run at 25 frames per second, this is indicated in the top-left corner of the screen. If your computer does not reach this frame rate, try to toggle the instruments off using 'w' key, this should boost the frame rate substantially. Also the 's' key can be used to compress time speeding up the replay of the data. For example if frame rate is 12.5 and time compression is set at 2x, the simulation will run at nominal speed as well. However, a modern computer should be able to deal with the 25 Hz frame rate.

For demonstration purposes some more information has been added to to the top left and right corners of the display:

In the top-left hand corner of the display:

- Frame rate, should be 25 Hertz.
- Time compression, can be 1 (normal), 2 or 3. (toggle with 's')
- Stick or yoke position during simulation.

The top-right hand corner of the display shows the relative movement of the power lever during the simulation.

Using the demo

Unzip the downloaded file in a new folder and run the energyPFD.exe file by double clicking it. After starting the program, press F1, F2 or F3 to load and start one of the recorded runs. Loading the file can take a number of seconds. Control the simulation by using the keys listed below. The program ends by pressing the Escape key. Have fun!

key   function
F1   load and start demo run 1, trajectory with speed changes.
F2   load and start demo run 2, trajectory with glide slope changes.
F3   load and start demo run 3, trajectory with glide slope and speed changes.
f   toggles pause
s   toggles time compression, can be 1, 2 or 3.
o   toggles outside/inside view
q   toggles symbols in outside view
w   toggles instruments
\   restart run (without reloading)
*   toggles smart follow view or manual follow view -> use num. key. pad
1   zoom out
2   circle down
4   circle left
5   tail view
6   circle right
7   zoom in
8   circle up
Esc   Quit

By downloading this software you agree to use it at your own risk and not to distribute or alter any of the associated files.
download DEMO (~3 Mb zip)